John Gannon
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CS Graduate - Aspiring Front End Developer



I am an aspiring front end developer and recent graduate of Computer Science and Information Technology, that is based in Bern, Switzerland. I recently completed my studies in Ireland and have just moved to Bern. Since then I have began taking German lessons and am teaching myself front end development. This website is both a learning exercise and a showcase of my abilities. While I am new to front end development I have recently found a passion for the blend of Coding and Design that front end development brings.

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    I am living in Bern with my partner and am currently looking for work. I have been working on this website as a means of developing and showcasing my skills in front end development. I intend to continue building my skills and documenting it here.

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    Deutschschule Alemania Bern

    Now that I have finished my studies I am living in Bern and have started attending a Deutschschule. I am just about to complete my first month. Now that I have the basics I am looking forward to moving to the next class in a month

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    Zenimax Online Studios – Customer Support Representative

    During my hiatus I worked in Zenimax Online Studios as a customer support agent. At the time Zenimax were just releasing The Elder Scrolls Online. As both an avid Elder Scrolls fan and gamer this was a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with like minded people. I had a fantastic time working to help the players. I eventually began working in areas with more responsibility such as Terms of Service. I also got a chance to flex my tech muscles and did a bit of work on Splunk. Splunk was available to us agents as a tool to analyse logs but was under utilised. I organised a team of like minded people to dive into the different possibilities it offered us.

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    Some Time Away

    After my third year in college I decided to take two years off to recoup my finances and take some time to myself. It was during this time that I worked in Zenimax, met the love of my life, and ultimately made the decision to move to Switzerland. After this I continued my studies and completed my degree.

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    Cisco Galway - Intern Software Engineer

    During the summer after my third year in University I had a five month internship in Cisco. At Cisco we developed the software for Ciscos Unified Presence system. I was a member of the QA team responsable for regression testing as well as hardware testing. I was responsible for testing the various hardware configurations with each new release. Towards the end we began work on developing a Java based framework for automated regression testing.

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    BSc. CS and IT - National University of Ireland, Galway.

    Programming (C, C++, Java), Web Design (JavaScript, HTML, CSS), Computing Systems, Professional Skills, Physics, Maths, Algorithms, Databases...

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    Tellnet Computers - Computer Technician

    My father owns a chain of computer repair and sales stores that I worked in from the age of 16 onwards. Here I learned to repair everything from a virus ridden computer to a malfunctioning walkie-talkie. I also developed my communication skills through my interactions with customers. I was responsible for managing the shop and running the place on my own at times. My experiences in the shop gave me a desire to learn more, and so, I decided to attend University and study computer science.

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    Presentation College, Headford

    This is where I received my secondary education before going to university. Here I studied Physics, Biology, Maths, Accounting, French, Irish and English. There was no real IT education here but my appetite for technology was satisfied with my work in Tellnet Computers

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